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Different types of preform require specific adjustments to be made on the roller sorter and discharge rail, as well as setting suitable speeds for all upstream system components, in order to ensure high-quality, reproducible results. We provide training tailored to system installers and operators and their operating and maintenance personnel.


The training provides foundation knowledge on handling Tanner feeding systems. For you, this means efficient system commissioning carried out by your own employees.


During operator training, an optimum, efficient use of the system with consistently reliable input, rapid detection and removal of faults (as required) are ensured.





_Basic Training (2-5d )


_Operator Training (1-2d)


_Focus Clamping Conveyor (3d)


_Electrics & Automation (2-3d)


_Mechanics & Maintenance (2-4d)



Karin Zogg-Tanner
Administration Training

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