M.Tanner AG:



Standard preform feeding system

For more than two decades, M. Tanner AG has been developing, designing and manufacturing preform feeding systems for PET stretch blow machines worldwide. Literally, VZT stands for "Vorformling-Zuf├╝hranlage-Tanner" (Tanner preform feeding system) but the VZT feeding system today also stands for up-to-the-minute technology, and the highest quality and production efficiency in the drinks market.


M. Tanner AG provides its customers with systems that can efficiently feed up to 80,000 hight-quality preforms an hour (P/h) to the stretch blow machine.


Tanner standard models 


VZT-1820 (up to 20,000 p/h*)


VZT-2535 (up to 35,000 p/h*)


VZT-3545 (up to 45,000 p/h*)


VZT-5063 (up to 60,000 p/h*)


VZT-6172 (up to 80,000 p/h*)


*Approximate values with 1.5 litre PCO preform



The VZT preform feeding system broshure: