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Overhead air rinser

Product safety with efficient overhead air rinser

The clamping conveyor is an attractive proposition because of its overhead preform guidance arrangement. Thanks to the overhead guidance system, the preform cleaning efficiency is unrivalled anywhere in the world. Larger foreign bodies such as support ring fragments or swarf are separated out by gravity and without blow-out or extraction.


Blow-out with ionised air

During the overhead phase, the preforms are also blown out by ionised air. The overhead air rinser is equipped with two ionising nozzles and four air nozzles. The foreign particles that are blown out are removed by the integrated extraction system and collected in a container.




Technical data


- Two ionising nozzles


- Four air nozzles


- Air consumption: 1.5 m3/min.


- Air supply: 8 bar pressurised air, water-/oil-free


- Air preparation with pressure sensor, includes digital display


- Filter cleaning: automatic


Overhead Air Rinser