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Germs destroyed by UVC-irradiation

An optional UVC-irradiation unit can be installed on the clamping conveyor output of the roller conveyor, where the preforms line up again upstream of the discharge rail. While hanging between the conveyor shafts, the preforms are irradiated on the thread and opening.


All-in-one solution

By installing the optional UVC-irradiation, the OHT clamping conveyor becomes an all-on-one solution. Camera inspection, overhead air rinser and UVC-irradiation as one unit.




- Types of micro-organisms


- Mould spores


- Yeasts


- Bacteria


- Protozoa


- Viruses


The dose calculation and destruction of germs depend on the system speed (preforms/hour). You can request an overview from us at any time.


UVC irradiation