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Preform Line - one system, one source

The concept

One system, one source. That is the Tanner Preform Line. From the automatic loading of boxes, to the new way of placing the preforms into a conveyor system, through to sorting, inspecting and cleaning the preforms. The Preform Lines fulfils all requirements in one system. Different Preform Lines are available.                An overview:


PS Preform Line

The compact solution cloes to the ground for both offline and inline preform inspection at the preform production site.


LS Preform Line

The compact, high-quality system solution for processing and sorting up to 42,000 preforms per hour, directly upstream of the blow moulding machine.


FS Preform Line

The flexible solution for all Output ranges and layout and set-up requirements. Can be expanded with various Options and third-party components, such as cleaning or UVC irradiation. Focus: Bottling plant.


AS Preform Line

The high-quality clean line solution with a soft metering belt, sorting close to the ground, worldwide unique cleaning system, optional camera inspection and UVC Irradiation. Focus: Bottling plant.


CS Preform Line

The special solution for specific customer requirements regarding layout, preform design or function

PS Preform Line
LS Preform Line
FS Preform Line
AS Preform Line