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Tanner Clamping Conveyor HS with 72'000 preforms per hour at Shenzhen Ganten Industry Co. Ltd.

Efficient internal preform cleaning at 72,000 preforms per hour for Shenzhen Ganten Industry Co., Ltd. From the beginning of this year, the Tanner Clamping Conveyor has also been available in a high-speed version which processes up to 81,000 preforms per hour. Three complete Tanner lines (preform tipper, preform sorting and an overhead clamping conveyor with internal preform cleaning, followed by UVC irradiation) have been delivered to the drinks manufacturer Shenzhen Ganten in China.


The Tanner systems for Shenzhen Ganten were ordered by Krones, world market leader in bottling and packaging technology, and integrated into their PET lines. By blowing out the preforms and removing any foreign particles through suction in the overhead preform conveyor, it is possible to achieve efficient internal preform cleaning at high performance levels of 72,000 preforms per hour. The test results are impressive. Tanner guarantees the efficiency of the cleaning process, after successful test runs were completed with original customer preforms on our test system in Switzerland. After the acceptance tests at the factory in Illnau, Switzerland, a complete Tanner line was set up at Krones' plant in Neutraubling and successfully put into operation with the Contiform stretch blow machine.


Modern bottling plant for high-quality water

Since 1992, the Chinese firm Ganten has set itself apart by bottling high-quality drinking water using the most cutting-edge machines and systems. Ganten does not only produce drinks for the domestic market. Alongside Hong Kong and Macao, it also has customers in countries such as Canada, Singapore and Russia. With the construction of three state-of-the-art Krones PET bottling lines, Ganten has underlined its position as one of the market leaders in China. The new PET lines will produce up to 72,000 bottles per hour in a three-shift operation in Jiangxi. The high-quality mineral water will be bottled in 0.57-litre bottles.


Efficient preform internal cleaning system upstream of the blow moulding machine

Along the Krones bottling lines, the preforms for the 0.57-litre bottles are cleaned using the new Tanner product and fed to the blow moulding machine. The high-speed clamping conveyor is an attractive proposition because of its overhead preform guidance system. During the overhead phase, the preforms are blown out by two ionising nozzles and four air nozzles. At the same time, any foreign particles are removed from the preforms by suction. The cleaning efficiency is impressive and is unrivalled anywhere in the world.


Ganten and Krones lay down a clear marker for the future

With the integration of the Tanner clamping conveyors, both Ganten and Krones are laying down a clear marker for the future. The aim is to transport the preform in the first step of the process as cleanly as possible into the stretch blow machine. Thanks to the new technology from Tanner, which enables the preforms to be cleaned overhead and then passed through a UVC irradiation unit, they are able to achieve this aim. "The high-speed version of the clamping conveyor now enables us to cover all output ranges. Thanks to the all-in-one solution, internal preform cleaning, UVC irradiation and camera inspection, we can meet all the requirements for preform quality control in one machine. At the same time, the complete system including the roller sorter is kept close to the ground. This brings considerable advantages," says Marco Tanner, CEO of M. Tanner AG, explaining the advantages of the new product.


UVC irradiation following internal preform cleaning

In addition to the internal preform cleaning system, the clamping conveyor can also be equipped with camera inspection and a UVC irradiation unit. Ganten has opted for the additional UVC irradiation option for the new lines in Jiangxi. The UVC irradiation unit in the 2.5-metre roller conveyor at the clamping conveyor output is used to destroy germs on the preform thread, opening and support ring.



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