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The Swiss bottler Rivella relies on Tanner systems for the Preform Handling

For several years, Rivella has been relying on Tanner systems including the new Ultra Clean Aseptic line. The components for loading, conveying, sorting and inspection of the preforms are provided by Tanner. The new line extends over two floors and is feeding the aseptic blowing filling bloc with the checked preforms.


Rivella – is an established household name in Swiss society and culture

Due to a name recognition of 95%, Rivella is one of the leading brands in Switzerland and number two in the Swiss beverage market. The company was established in 1952 by pioneer and Rivella founder, Robert Barth. Today, the company's brands include soft drinks made by Rivella, Passaia and Michel fruit juice products. The Swiss company based in Rothrist, canton Aargau, has approximately 260 employees. In addition, Rivella has also been involved in the high preformance sport and mass sport for decades, as shown with their support for hundreds of sport events each year.


New PET Ultra Clean filling line

Since 2015 all the Rivella brands in PET will be produced with a new Ultra Clean filling line. The products with different sizes between 0.33l to 1.5l will be bottled at a top speed of 24'000 bottles per hour. Due to this investment, Rivella sends a strong sign to the process optimization and quality improvement. Furthermore, they have expanded their product range with "peach" and "rhubarb" in 2014.


Ground floor: From the storage to the preform inspection

The Rivella production in Rothrist receives the preforms on the ground floor and puts them into interim storage. Because of the production planning, the Tanner tipper will be loaded with the appropriate preform box. In the following step, the preforms will be sorted and lined up to feed the inspection system. For this part, Tanner has integrated a preform inspection system from the Swiss based company IMD Vista AG. IMD is one of the leading companies worldwide for inspection systems of preforms and caps. The inspection system detects errors on the preform and incorrect ones will be ejected without production stopping. A key process optimization in the complete filling line.


With a special elevator in the upper floor

After the preform inspection conveys a 12-meter long elevator the tested preforms in the upper floor. Special constructions and a close cooperation with experts of the authority have been realised a breakthrough of the fire protection wall. Once on the upper floor, the preforms will be transported over the aseptic blowing-flling bloc to the roller sorter.


Upper floor: Top Efficiency in feeding the blowing machine

In front of the aseptic blowing-filling bloc are the preforms again in the roller sorter which will be sorted in line. Due to limited space, the roller sorter has been placed directly before the AseptBloc of Krones AG. The preforms reach the entrance of the blowing machine with a discharge rail including a 135 degree curve.


Complete solution from one source– the Tanner all-in-one solution

Starting with preform loading (tipper) followed by the inspection system up to the special elevator and the top efficiency feeding system to the blowing machine, Tanner has implemented a complete solution for Rivella. "Our strengths are the overall handling of preforms. Our expertise of more than 25 years in this area allows us to offer the customer a complete solution preformHANDLING. We want to be a strong partner for our customers with engineering followed by special constructions up to commissioning. We stand with our After Sales Management for the support during the lifetime of our products", explains Marco Tanner, CEO of M. Tanner AG.



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