M.Tanner AG:



AS Preform Line - the high-quality clean line solution

The high-Quality clean line solution with soft handling, sorting close to the ground, worldwide unique cleaning system, optional camera inspection and UVC irradiation. Focus: Bottling plant. 


Type overview


AS18 up to 26'000 p/h


AS25 up to 46'000 p/h


AS35 up to 58'000 p/h


AS50 up to 68'000 p/h


AS60 up to 85'000 p/h



*Reference value (depending on weight and design of the preform)




_Automatic loading system (plus+) possible


_Loading station with soft dosing belt


_Conveyor line as per set-up request


_Roller sorter close to the ground possible


_Discharge or feed rail (horizontal)


_Overhead air rinser, camera inspection, UVC irrradiation (optional)


_Options as per customer request